Thursday, March 20, 2014

Journal Entry #9, Chapter 9: Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies

Focus Question: How can teachers create PowerPoint presentations for maximum teaching potential and learning impact?

PowerPoint is a multimedia software package that lets virtually anyone create a well-organized visual and auditory presentation for any group of people.  This tool can be very effective and students would rather look at about anything other than a textbook.  If enough attention is given to the design of the PowerPoint, students will pay more attention to the content.  Using this program to show information in several different ways such as photos, videos and more can get the students more engaged, interested and involved than a boring old textbook!  

Of course there are correct and incorrect ways to design the PowerPoints and there some effective strategies to know, including the ones shown to us by Professor Coleman in ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint 2010’ with Don McMillan.  Below is another good example:


Tech Tool 9.2

This section of chapter 9 discusses the different types of streaming video resources for teachers.  As with a lot I have learned in this class, I knew some of the websites that were mentioned but not all and learned a great deal.  As we have discussed copyright in this class previously, I am aware of it and like that YouTube offers not only a special section for teachers to use, but a place where there are videos that can be used and edited without the fear of infringing on any copyright laws like Creative Commons.  PBS is also mentioned in this section.  PBS has been around for years and has always been an acceptable educational media outlet.  I still remember watching it for certain programs when I was in school.

Summary & Connection

Chapter 9 is about multimedia formats that can be used in the classroom setting to give not only teachers, but students as well, a way to present material in a more interesting and engaging way.  With everything from YouTube to PowerPoint that are available these days, there really is no excuse to not use some of these technology tools to educate our young people (and they can be used for lots of others things as well and in other professions other than teaching). 

Although multimedia can be a great tool in the classroom, it is also to be emphasized that it is the WAY they are used that determines if these tools benefit the students (and they can make presenting material easier for the teacher as well).  If you only use videos and PowerPoints but do not give students a way to respond and actively participate in interactive assignments associated with them, then they will not be near as beneficial and the students will become bored and uninterested, just as they have with textbooks.   


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  1. You 'hit the nail on the head' with your comment about using multimedia content in the classroom. Yes, it can be engaging and touch on various learning styles, but it is generally not enough (though there are some new tools that you can make them more interactive) to be considered a stand-alone 'silver bullet.' Plus, I really think there needs to be variety in instructional delivery and many times technology doesn't even have a place in a lesson. ;)